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2014 - 2014

The Passing of John Daniel “Danny” Gebbers In October of 2014, the Gebbers family and the entire farming industry lost a true innovator and friend when Danny Gebbers passed away following complications suffered after a fall he took during the summer of 2014 wild fires. A fascinating man, Danny Gebbers learned (among many skills) about all facets of the orchard business from his father, John and mother, Martha. He lived a life filled to the brim with adventure and hard work. Some of that notable work included planting the first commercial Lapin cherry orchards in Washington and setting a new precedent in late season cherries. This original orchard is still producing today along with high elevation orchards established by Danny on the ideal growing slopes of Lake Chelan. An artist with heavy equipment, the Gebbers patriarch had an uncanny ability to shape the land into something more productive than ever before. He could visualize with flawless foresight the exact best way to plant an orchard taking into account location, drainage and even wind patterns. Danny Gebbers’ legacy of creativity, honesty, integrity, respect for the land and innovative growing techniques lives on in children, grandkids and employees of whom he invested so heavily of his time and talents.

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