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1968 - 1968

The family planted some of Washington’s first Granny Smith apples trees and is now one of the leading sources of the variety, as well as Fuji, Gala, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples. While many fruit growers in the Northwest lost their trees to severe winter cold in 1969, the Gebbers’ trees were fortunate to survive, allowing the family to expand their acreage. Over 20 years ago, Dan Gebbers foresaw the opportunity to expand the cherry marketing season by planting late-ripening cherry varieties at high elevations above Lake Chelan. “High and Dry” is a good combination in the cherry business. Dan’s chosen location was so rain free that the wheat farmer who previously occupied the site went broke hoping for summer precipitation. Dan went to work building a 3 mile pipeline that pumps lake water 1600 vertical feet up the mountain reaching elevations between 2200 feet to 2700 feet. Gebbers Farms now picks cherries in late July and early August and has expanded the highly successful cherry orchard to 300 acres. The family also owns additional cherry orchards near Brewster and Bridgeport.

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