The epitome of pear flavor with juice to spare, the Bartlett possesses a creamy and aromatic flesh that is well suited for bringing unique flavor complexity to salads and desserts however, Bartletts are equally excellent eaten fresh, on there own. With a skin that transitions from vivid green to golden yellow a ripe Bartlett is easy to spot.

Season: August-February


Subtle notes of citrus coincide with the refreshing sweetness that is a signature of the D’Anjou pear. Their sweetness along with dense flesh make the D’Anjou perfect for snacking out of hand, cooking, or adding vibrant sweetness to a salad. The skin of is a persistent green meaning a check of the neck is the most accurate way to insure ideal ripeness.

Flavor:  Buttery smooth when ripe. Most widely available pear  Season: September-July


Autumnal, reddish brown and a long tapered neck characterize the Bosc. Possessing a crispness of flavor and texture, sweetness reminiscent of honey and a resilient shape that endures through heating make the Bosc ideal for cooked dishes. Cooking prowess aside the Bosc is equally noteworthy when eaten fresh, with a unique woodsy note that caters well to their sweetness. As with the D’Anjou, color of Bosc pears is fairly static and the best indicator of ripeness is to Check the Neck™.

Flavor: Rich, sweet and spicy. Ideal for pies, baking and poaching Season: September-April


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