Throughout 2020, America’s essential workers had to adapt to many workplace changes. We thank each of our employees for maintaining a safe work environment by following our various workplace preventive measures. It is why, in August 2020, only 0.7 percent of all Gebbers employees tested positive for the virus.

In 2021, we are working together with our employees to remain vigilant and, once again, provide the safest workplace possible:

  • Whereas last year COVID testing was not readily available in our communities, we can and are testing all guest workers for the virus upon arrival this year, as well as any new workers, or those returning from travel outside the state.
  • Free vaccinations are offered to all workers, and we are pleased so many have taken this opportunity to be vaccinated.
  • All employees receive additional bilingual COVID-19 education and training about preventing COVID in the workplace.
  • Masks/facial coverings are required at all times. We have face shields available as well.
  • Social distancing is observed whenever feasible.
  • Physical barriers are installed in common areas, such as lunchrooms and kitchens, where social distancing is difficult.
  • We continue to conduct daily screening and communicate with our workforce.

Communities nationwide continue to fight the pandemic. It is not over, so – for our workers, their families, and our communities, and to honor the memories of those we’ve lost during this pandemic –  Gebbers Farms remains committed to following public health recommendations and empowering all employees to protect themselves and their families at home, at work, and in the community. Our employees are always and forever essential to us.

CDC COVID-19 Recommendations
WSDOH COVID-19 Symptom Screening

CEO Cass Gebbers volunteers to be tested for COVID-19 in a show of leadership and support for Gebbers Farms’ employees


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