Well suited for fresh eating Lapin Cherries ripen late in the season and posses an exceptional sweetness, void of tart notes. A rich mahogany red and smooth, plump shape make the Lapin admirable in flavor and appearance.

Season: Early July-Mid August


The Chelan™ is one of the earliest ripening cherries of the Pacific Northwest. With its plump heart shape and firm sweet flesh this mahogany red cherry sets a beautiful tone for the cherry season.

Season: Early June-Late June


Large in size, and a deep mahogany-red in color, the Bing is enjoyed for it’s sweet, rich flavor.  Firm and juicy with a relatively long season

Season: Mid June-Mid August


Exceptional in both size and color, the Rainier is a crowd pleaser. This cherry’s appearance is rivaled only by its flavor. The vibrant yellow cherry with a signature red blush possesses a flesh that is firm and finely textured, paired with great sweetness the Rainier sets itself apart.

Flavor: Mild, Juicy. Bake into morning muffins Season: Late June-Early August


The Skeena® variety is characterized by it dark red, almost black color and dense, firm texture that creates a vivid and satisfying mouthfeel. The addition of excellent sweetness makes sure that stunning beauty and amazing flavor go hand in hand.

Season: Mid July-Early August


Mild sweetness and admirable firmness, the Sweetheart® satiates desires for cherries from late in July and well into August. This delicious cherry that bids us farewell to the season is a sweet note on which to part.

Season: Late July-Mid August


Very large, with an illustrious red hue the sonnet is both picturesque and tasty. Excellent firmness and ample sweetness with low acidity make the Sonnet® a favorite of cherry lovers.

Season: Early June.


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